One of the tasks of my CLIR post doc is to research a best practices for Digital Preservation.  It seems like a very large task, and I would like the opportunity to hear how other institutions have handled the preservation of digital materials and to discuss resources and the way forward.

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  1. Thanks- I will take a look at the links. I do realize it is a big topic and it is only something I am beginning to research- I just started my post doc. I have started to assemble a bibliography, but I would really like to talk with people who have either implemented a best practices or are a bit further a long in the process to find out what has worked or not, etc.

  2. As a way to better frame the discussion concerning digital preservation,
    I have targeted one of our major issues that may prove for a fruitful
    discussion. For Lehigh, the biggest challenge that we will face as we
    put together a digital preservation and asset management plan is how to
    account for the man power to maintain and sustain a digital program. We
    recognize that whatever plan we put in place in terms of technology and
    file format must be flexible and adaptable. Whose responsibility is it
    manage the plan, the files, the migration? What kind of workflow needs
    to be established? Is it too large a job to assign to workstudy
    students? Again I would be interested to discuss this issue with other
    institutions that are facing similar challenges or have established a plan.

    And thank you, Christa, for the suggestion of the CLIR publication- I just downloaded it!

  3. Good topic! It’s of broad interest because: a) most libraries, archives, museums and related organizations are interested in it, and b) there are as yet few examples of comprehensive, yet practical models that are easily generalizable. We at the Library of Congress NDIIPP program have been involved with many digital preservation projects that are documented on our website, and more recently, on our blog “The Signal” at A particular recent source you might want to check the gets into specific preservation tool choices is “Evaluating Open Source Digital Preservation Systems: A Case Study” by Chris Prom at .

    Good luck!

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