Session Proposal — Hackfest: HTML5

Know a little about HTML5, but want to learn more?  Know a lot about HTML5, but want to share?  Know nothing about HTML5, but want to dive in head first?  I’m just starting to look at HTML5 myself, so I figured the best way to learn it is to put heaps and heaps of pressure on myself to get knowledgeable enough to participate in/moderate a HTML5 Hackfest within a few weeks.  What could possibly go wrong?

Have an interesting idea on how to highlight a collection or project via a game, interactive story, or other digital method but don’t have the means to produce a prototype?  Stop by and share your idea with us, and if you’re lucky, we’ll turn your lifelong dream into a rickety, slapdash prototype.  How can you possibly turn that down?

The ultimate goal of this session would be to build a web app that demonstrates the capabilities of HTML5 (canvas, geolocation, video etc) and can be built upon by attendees after the session for future projects.

3 thoughts on “Session Proposal — Hackfest: HTML5

  1. Great idea! First thing to learn is to stop calling it HTML5. HTML5 sure sounds a lot better than “the new stuff in HTML,” however, and it’s got a whole lot of traction. I’d recommend anyone interested in participating give and a glance or two.

  2. Oddly enough, I started reading into material yesterday night and and were my one-two stops. Excellent stuff on both pages.

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