4 thoughts on “Session Proposal-Digitization Doldrums

  1. I’ve worked as a scanner/photographer (and occasionally on video migration), and would really like to discuss some of these issues, particularly file management and metadata, which I work with but don’t understand from a more general perspective. Perhaps we could also talk about workflows (including QC).

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for your feedback! I’ll add your points to the discussion. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

  3. Hi-
    This would be a useful session for me as well. As part of my research for creating a best practices for digital preservation, these are issues that I am looking into as well.

  4. This would be a very useful session for me, too. I work for a public library that happens to have a phenomenal set of special collections. We are in the process of digitizing but I think the equipment has become outdated and those of us in charge of special collections need to operate within the framework of the existing institution in order to advance into a different and probably better place with the quality of what we do. (That was rather rambling, but I suppose my institution has some special considerations.) Every other aspect of this proposal interests me as well.

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