Breakout A | How to Get What You Want out of Oral Histories

11:00AM-12:45PM, Friday September 23, 2011
Instructor: Charlie Hardy, West Chester University

Oral histories are hard. Even the most honest interviewees have their own agendas about how they want to be remembered. At the same time, oral histories are often necessary to fill in holes in documentary and material records. Here are some good basic techniques for conducting oral histories that will get the results you want, and good things to think about when curating and preserving the records of oral histories.

Have you registered to attend this workshop? Are there particular aspects of creating oral histories that you most want to explore? Please let Charlie know by posting a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Breakout A | How to Get What You Want out of Oral Histories

  1. I will be attending a different workshop, but just wanted to mention that PHMC has an Oral History section on our website which was put together by the PA State Archives. This section may have some helpful resources for workshop attendees.

  2. I’m interested in learning about making materials, including audio files, accessible on the web, and the difficulties and challenges inherent in that.

  3. I’d like to know the best approach to convincing someone to record their oral history. I hear so many great stories from people in the communitym, but they don’t think their stories have value. Also, I’d like to know the best medium for preservation, storage and accessibility.

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