Breakout C | Making Your Data Web-Ready — Intro to XML

11:00AM-12:45PM, Friday September 23, 2011
Instructors: Terry Catapano, Columbia University; Jordon Steele, Johns Hopkins University

It was a wise information professional who once said “structured data is the only useful data there is.” This workshop will explore this statement, explore what structured data can do for your research (or the materials in your custody), and give a brief overview to the tenets of XML. We will then go on to explain TEI, EAD and MODS, how they’re used, and when they’re useful. We’ll also talk about good tools to use for creating this data, and how to store and present it.

Have you registered for this workshop? Are there particular aspects of XML you particularly want to learn? Please let Terry and Jordon know what you’d most like to get out of this session by posting a comment below.

One thought on “Breakout C | Making Your Data Web-Ready — Intro to XML

  1. I am looking forward to learning XML. I manage MS Access databases for an archaeological project in Cyprus, several wordpress blogs related to archaeology, and an institutional website at my college.

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