Session idea: What would a Delaware Valley Digital Humanities Center look like?

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of digital humanities projects throughout the Delaware Valley. Whether sponsored by universities, cultural institutions such as museums and archives, or commercial service providers, it’s clear that a lot of folks in our region are thinking about how to use digital technologies to explore all facets of the human experience across time and place.

That being the case, and presuming that a successful THATCamp Philly points to some interest in pooling skills and interests, might it be useful to consider possibilities for a Center for Digital Humanities right here in our own backyard? Centers are usually designed to connect people and institutions with the communities that surround them, usually by providing some kind of service. So, what kind of service(s) could/should our hypothetical Delaware Valley Digital Humanities Center provide? Who would be involved and how would it be structured? Is it possible to conceive of a DVDHC that gets real work done for real people while modeling a DIY, open-access ethic unencumbered by institutional affiliations and the sordid demands of fundraising?