Helpathon: Reimagine the digital encyclopedia for the 21st Century

The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia is a fledgling project, but we are dreaming big and we need your help!  What should a digital encyclopedia be and do in the 21st century? Could this become a platform that provides access to our region’s many exemplary digital resources?  Could we meet some of the needs that are no longer fulfilled by the mainstream media?  Could we build a resource that helps Philadelphians visualize their place in time and space? How would this work?  What would it look like?  What are the technological challenges and how might we overcome them?

If you will bring your ideas, we will bring a designer who will help us develop the concept sketches to move this project forward.  To see where we are so far, visit the Encyclopedia project’s web site at  Looking forward to meeting up with you on the 24th!