Discussion or Writeathon: preparing cyberinfrastructure for digital humanities

As digital humanists generate an increasingly huge and diverse body of digitized and born-digital artifacts, institutions that support them need to build up an array of technology structures to sustain their work. Archivists, curators, project creators, technologists, publishers all see different sides of the cyberinfrastructure issue. We work on digital repositories, media servers, storage and backup servers, high-speed networks, content management systems, web front-ends, databases, flexible online collaboration spaces, etc.

It would be very useful at the outset of projects, whether they are internally or externally funded, to have a set of guidelines, checklists, and key questions to work from. In a short THATCamp session, we may not be able to develop those resources, but maybe we can map the terrain of things “we know we need to know,” with an eye toward stimulating ongoing conversation through a report, article or project proposal.